Presenter and Institution

Research Topic

Michael Ahearne, University of Houston


Cash Versus Non-Cash Sales Incentives and Framing


Khaled Boughanmi, Cornell University


Playlist Contextualization and Personalization: A Bayesian nonparametric approach


Yupeng Chen, Nanyang Technological University


Should Firms Reward Referring Customers Based on the Performance of Their Referred Customers?


Vincent Chen, UC Berkeley Haas


Mapping 25 Years of Consumer Knowledge from Text Corpora


Imran Currim, University of California Irvine


National Customer Orientation: A Luxury of Rich Nations?


Arnaud De Bruyn, ESSEC Business School


Incorporating the Firm’s Strategic Response into Customer Valuation Models


Ryan Dew, The Wharton School


Detecting Routines in Ride-sharing: Implications for Customer Management


Anindya Ghose, New York University 


Heterogeneous Demand Effects of Recommendation Strategies in a Mobile Application


Arun Gopalakrishnan, Rice University


Shopping Cart Retargeting


Liat Hadar, Tel Aviv University


The Shopping Cart as a Killjoy: Product Self-Expressiveness Increases Cart Abandonment


Jochen Hartmann, University of Hamburg


Mining Iconic Marketing Assets: A Unified Multi-Modal Deep Learning Framework


Kamel Jedidi, Columbia University


R2M Index 1.0: A Measure of Relevance—Finally


Nan Jia, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California

Xueming Luo, Temple University


AI-Human Hybrid, Employee Creativity, and Job Performance: Evidence from a Field Experiment


Yael Karlinsky Shichor, Northeastern University


The Oracles of Online Reviews


Youngtak Kim, University of Georgia

Sundar Bharadwaj, University of Georgia


All that is Green is not Gold: Evidence from the CPG Industry


Seoyoung Kim, University of Georgia


Beyond Buycott vs. Boycott: Brand Activism and Engagement


Aleksandra Kovacheva, University at Albany – SUNY


The Value of the Unknown: A Framework for Strategic Surprise Marketing


Madhav Kumar, MIT


Algorithmic Pricing


Rene Laub, Goethe University Frankfurt


The Economic Value of User-Tracking for Publishers


Presenter and Institution

Research Topic

Kathleen Li, University of Texas, Austin


What Happens to a Digitally Retailer’s Sales When It Opens A Physical Store?


Jia Liu, HKUST


The Impact of Temporally Turning off TV Ad on Search Interests: A Generalized Synthetic Control Estimator under Interference


Ofer Mintz, University of Technology Sydney

Marc Fisher,


Managerial Assessments of Marketing Performance


Sajeev Nair, USC Marshall School of Business


Do Online Ratings Accurately Reflect Quality? Price, Reviewed Quality, and Reviewer Expertise in Yelp Restaurant Reviews


Elliot Oblander, Columbia University

Daniel McCarthy, Emory University


How has COVID-19 Impacted Customer Purchase Behavior at Food Delivery Businesses?


Travis Tae Oh, Yeshiva University

Michel Pham, Columbia University


A Liberating Engagement Theory of Fun


Koen Pauwels, Northeastern University

Don Lehmann, Columbia University


Disadoption Patterns in Fast Moving Consumer Goods


Nandini Ramani, Texas A&M University

Venkatesh Shankar, Texas A&M University



Rising above the glass ceiling: The effects of female CMOs on marketing spending and performance


Tom Robertson, The Wharton School

Dennis Armbruster, The Verde Group


The Inoculation Effect of Loyalty Programs


Mohammad Saljoughian, University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Managing E-Converse: How Firms Can Steer Social Media Conversations

Chenshuo Sun, NYU Stern


The Effect of Voice AI on Consumer Purchase and Search Behavior


Christophe Van den Bulte, The Wharton School


Are referred customers more valuable?


Jarrod Vassallo, The University of Sydney Business School



Market Expansion and Targeting While Balancing Social and Financial Objectives: Evidence from Microfinance Enterprises in Bangladesh


Jeremy Yang, MIT


First Law of Motion: Influencer Video Advertising on TikTok


Elham Yazdani, University of Georgia



Identifying Emotions in Images and Their Effects on Donation Behavior in Online Crowdsourcing Platforms


Pinar Yildirim, The Wharton School


Impact of GDPR on Consumers and Firms


Hema Yoganarasimhan, University of Washington


Star-Cursed Lovers: Role of Popularity Information in Online Dating