TPM 2011

Hosted by Columbia Business School, Columbia University

2011 TPM – Agenda

Inaugural TPM Conference

Columbia Business School and Harvard Business School presented

Bridging Theory and Practice: a Symposium on Relevant Marketing Research
April 22, 2011
Columbia Business School
New York, NY

Inaugural Theory and Practice in Marketing Conference from Center Global Brand Leadership on Vimeo.

“Knowledge advances when striking real-world events and issues pose puzzles we have to try to understand and resolve. The most important decisions a scholar makes are what problems to work on.”
Professor James Tobin, Nobel Laureate in Lives of the Laureates, 1986

This one-day symposium brought together marketing scholars, journal editors, business school deans, and practitioners who feel that marketing discipline needs to re-examine itself and its relevance to practice.

The goal of the symposium was to synthesize a variety of perspectives and insights in order to identify concrete steps to achieve relevance. The format of the symposium consisted of an open discussion to identify key issues from the perspectives of all participants.

Organized by:
Professor Bernd Schmitt, Columbia Business School
Professor Don Lehmann, Columbia Business School
Professor Sunil Gupta, Harvard Business School


Registration and Breakfast


Welcome from the Organizers

A Few Words from the Deans
Nitin Nohria, Dean, Harvard Business School
Chris Mayer, Senior Vice Dean, Columbia Business School

Is Relevance a “Real” Problem or Just a Marketing Problem?
Is our research just not relevant to business or have we failed to communicate its relevance?

Open discussion and presentation of survey results, moderated by Prof. Sunil Gupta, Harvard Business School

Practitioners’ Perspective on Relevance
How does the industry view academic research and its relevance?

Video presentation and panel discussion, moderated by Prof. Bernd Schmitt, Columbia Business School

Coffee break

Editors’ Perspective
Why don’t journals publish more relevant papers?

Discussion with journal editors, moderated by Prof. Don Lehmann, Columbia Business School

Conclusions of Morning Discussions



Overview of Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Setting up the goals for interactive breakout sessions


Breakout Sessions
Participants will break into groups to come up with ideas and action plans for

  • Publications and journals
    Facilitated by:
    Prof. Kay Lemon, Carroll School of Management – Boston College
  • Faculty recruitment and PhD training
    Facilitated by:
    Prof. Joel Steckel, NYU Stern School of Business
  • Incentives and rewards
    Facilitated by:
    Prof. Barbara Khan, The Wharton School of the Univ. of Pennsylvania
  • Activities with industry
    Facilitated by:
    Prof. Nader Tavassoli, London Business School
  • Communicating relevance
    Facilitated by:
    Prof. Don Lehmann, Columbia Business School

Coffee break

Presentations and Debrief of Breakout Groups

Brief presentations from the groups

Where do we go from here?

Summary of insights, perspectives, and action items.