TPM 2013

2013 Agenda
Conference Programme for TPM 2013 at London Business School

Friday, 31 May 2013

09:00-10:00 Registration

10:00-10:30 Coffee

10.30-12.30 Session 1: Room LT09 “Managing Customers”

“Managing Churn to Optimize Profits,” Aurélie Lemmens* (Tilburg) and Sunil Gupta (Harvard)

“Leveraging BIG DATA to Identify, Understand, and Manage Customers by ‘Habit’ to Increase Customer Profits and Improve Firm Performance,” Denish Shah, V Kumar* and Kihyun Kim (Georgia State)

“Classifying the Risk of Occurrence of an Event within a Predictive Temporal Window: A Neural Network Application in the Health Insurance Market,” Marcio de O. Mota (State University of Ceara), Sergio W. Carvalho* (Manitoba) and Cesar L. Mattos (Federal University of Ceara)

“The Value of Unprofitable Customers: Why Traditional CLV Fails in a Competitive Context,” Upender Subramanian (University of Texas at Dallas), Jagmohan S. Raju and Z. John Zhang* (Wharton)

Practitioner presentation on “Managing Customers” & general discussion on impact:Giles Pavey, Head of Innovation and Data Science, dunnhumby

10.30-12.30 Session 1: Room LT10 “Innovation”

“The Role of Prior Performance Sequences in Managerial Risk-Taking and New Product Introductions,” Michael Wiles* (Arizona State), Neil Morgan and Rebecca Slotegraaf (Indiana)

“’Share and Scare’ Solving the Communication Dilemma of Early Adopters with a High Need for Uniqueness,” Sarit Moldovan (Technion), Yael Steinhart* (Tel Aviv University) and Shlomit Ofen (Technion)

“What Doesn’t Kill You Makes Your Brand Innovation Strategy Stronger,” Christine Moorman* and Vivian Yue Qin (Duke), Stav Rosenzweig and Amir Grinstein (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

Practitioner presentation on “Innovation” & general discussion on impact: Dave Allan, Co-Founder, ?What If!

12.30-14.00 Buffet Lunch

14.00-15.40 Session 2: Room SG06 “Ground Zero: Embedding Bridging Theory and Practice in Doctoral Education”

Joel Steckel (NYU), Vice-Dean for Doctoral Education, will lead this workshop. It will explore how the pressures of the job market for new graduates impacts the research PhD students do. It will also explore how the increased presence of Arts & Sciences PhDs on the marketing job market impacts both Marketing PhD training and the research this promotes once they join university faculty.

14.00-15.40 Session 2: Room LT09 “Financial Performance”

“Impact of Customer Metrics on Price-to-Earnings Ratios of High-Growth Firms,” Emanuel Bayer and Bernd Skiera* (Goethe University)

“Can you do Good for Shareholders by doing Good for Society? The Dynamics between Corporate Social Performance, Brand Familiarity, and Shareholder Value,” Saurabh Mishra* (McGill) and Sachin Modi (Toledo)

“New Product Innovation and Financial Market Performance: Does the Nature of Institutional Investors Matter?,” Atanas Nikolaev Nikolov, Sundar Bharadwaj* and Guiyang Xiong (Georgia)

Practitioner presentation on “Financial Performance” & general discussion on impact: Teresa Octavio, Managing Director, EffectiveBrands

14.00-15.40 Session 2: Room LT10 “Place”

“Analyzing the Customer Journey: Attribution Modeling for Online Marketing Exposures in a Multi-Channel Setting,” Eva Anderl* (Universitaet Passau), Ingo Becker (ETH Zürich), Florian v. Wangenheim* (ETH Zürich), Jan H. Schumann* (Universitaet Passau) and Franz Graf (intelliAd)

“United We Stand? The Effect of Buying Group Participation on Retailer Productivity,” Inge Geyskens (Tilburg), Katrijn Gielens (North Carolina) and Stefan Wuyts* (Koç & Tilburg)

“Product Return Management for Online Retailers,” Christian Schulze* (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management), Siham El Kihal and Bernd Skiera (Goethe University Frankfurt)

Practitioner presentation on “Place” & general discussion on impact: Charles Randall,SAS

15:40-16:10 Coffee

16.10-17.50 Session 3: Room SG06 “’Crowdsourced’ Research Collaborations”

Pete Fader, co-director of the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative (WCAI:, will lead this hands-on workshop. WCAI acts as a “matchmaker” between academia and industry, helping data-driven companies find the right portfolio of academic researchers to solve pressing problems and provide leading-edge “R&D” capabilities in the area of customer analytics. He will discuss the origins, structure, and potential future evolution of this “Research Opportunity” process, and its impact on corporations, students, and policy makers. The workshop, in collaboration with some managers who have been working with WCAI, will provide insights into the operational details underpinning successful collaboration.

16.10-17.50 Session 3: Room LT09 “Firm Value”

“Assessing Total Financial Impact of Brands,” Natalie Mizik* (Washington)

“The Marketing CEO,” Stephen Anderson MacDonald* (London Business School), Eric Boyd (James Madison University), Rajesh Chandy* (London Business School)

“Beyond the Customer: Employee-based Returns to Brand,” Rajesh Chandy (London Business School), Alina Sorescu (Texas A&M) and Nader Tavassoli* (London Business School)

Practitioner presentation on “Firm Value” & general discussion on impact: David Haigh, Founder and CEO, Brand Finance

16.10-17.50 Session 3: Room LT10 “New Product Design”

“Leading Through Design: Design Orientation and New Product Success,” Raji Srinivasan* (University of Texas at Austin) and Gary L. Lilien (Pennsylvania State)

“Product Customization via Starting Solutions,” Christian Hildebrand*, Andreas Herrman (St. Gallen) and Gerald Häubl (Alberta)

“Understanding the Risk and Return of Output-Based Customer Solutions,” Stefan Worm* (HEC), Wolfgang Ulaga (IMD), Sundar Bharadwaj (Georgia) and Werner Reinartz (Cologne)

Practitioner presentation on “New Product Design” & general discussion on impact: Dr. Elena Lurie-Luke, leader of P&G Open Innovation Programmes in bioscience areas,Proctor & Gamble

18.00-19.00 Drinks Reception

19.00 Dinner

Keynote Speaker: Steve Walker, former Corporate VP and CMO, Sony Mobile

Saturday, 1 June 2013

08.00-08.30 Coffee, Tea & Pastries

08.30-10.10 Session 4: Room SG06 “Theory Development and Testing in the Field”

Rajesh Chandy (London Business School), Academic Director of the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, will lead this workshop, one that focuses on industry and developmental agency participation in the data collection and theory development phase, with a special emphasis on emerging markets.

08.30-10.10 Session 4: Room LT09 “Policy”

“’Does This Tax Make Me Look Fat?’: Using Stigma-inducing Labels to Decrease Unhealthy Food Consumption,” Avni Shah* (Duke), Jim Bettman (Duke), Punam Anand Keller (Dartmouth) and Peter Ubel (Duke)

“75% (Social) Proof: Converting One-Time Donors to Recurring Donors,” Michael I. Norton* (Harvard), Lalin Anik and Dan Ariely (Duke)

“Consumer Dynamic Usage Allocation and Learning Under Multi-part Tariffs: Theory and Empirical Evidence,” Arun Gopalakrishnan*, Raghuram Iyengar and Robert Meyer (Wharton)

“Revealing Painful Truths: The Impact of Friends on Self-Reported Health Behavior,” Reto Hofstetter* (Lugano), Christian Hildebrand, Andreas Herrman (St. Gallen) and Joel Huber (Duke)

There is no practitioner presentation here as the discussion will continue in Session 5’s workshop

08.30-10:10 Session 4: Room LT10 “Promotions”

“Consumer Reactance to Conditional Price Promotions,” Marco Bertini* and Aylin Aydinli (London Business School)

“Apps Appeal: Where in the World are Consumers Sensitive to Price, Updates & Product Characteristics?,” Thomas Fandrich (Kühne Logistics University), Raoul Kübler* and Koen Pauwels (Ozyegin)

“Setting the Brand-Promotion Calendar: Do In-Phase or Out-of-Phase Promotions Benefit Manufacturers, Retailers, or Both?,” Jonne Guyt * and Els Gijsbrechts (Tilburg)

Practitioner presentation on “Promotions” & general discussion on impact: Lucien Bowater, Director of Strategy & Insight, BSkyB

10.30-12.10 Session 5: Room SG06 “Where the Rubber Hits the Road: Developing Public Policy Interventions”

Punam Anand Keller (Tuck), previous marketing director of the RAND Financial Literacy Center and designer of CDC’s health communication tool, MessageWorks, will lead this workshop on creating impact from academic insights. The focus will be on developing and testing innovative programs that improve communications and consumer choice in areas such as health and financial decision making.

10.30-12.10 Session 5: Room LT09 “Pricing”

“Advertising’s Impact on Price Sensitivity: How do the Brand’s Mindset Metrics Matter?,” Berk Ataman (RSM, Erasmus University), Koen Pauwels (Ozyegin University), Shuba Srinivasan* (BU) and Marc Vanhuele (HEC)

“A Structural Analysis of Competition Between New and Used Cars: Implications for Dealers and Manufacturers,” Dinakar Jayarajan*, S. Siddarth (University of Southern California) and Jorge Silva-Risso (UC Riverside)

“Pricing Online Content: Fee or Free?,” Anja Lambrecht* (London Business School) and Kanishka Misra (Michigan)

Practitioner presentation on “Pricing” & general discussion on impact: Paul Williamson, Managing Director at Sports Ink Associates, former Director of Ticketing, London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games

10.30-12.10 Session 5: Room LT10 “Online Advertising”

“The Cost of Annoying Ads,” Daniel G. Goldstein*, Sid Suri (Microsoft Research) and R. Preston McAfee (Google Research)

“Consumer Click Behavior at a Search Engine: The Role of Keyword Popularity,” Kinshuk Jerath* (Carnegie Mellon), Liye Ma (Maryland) and Young-Hoon Park* (Cornell)

“Do Display Ads Influence Search? Attribution and Dynamics in Online Advertising,” Pavel Kireyev* (Harvard), Koen Pauwels (Ozyegin) and Sunil Gupta (Harvard)

Practitioner presentation on “Online Advertising” & general discussion on impact:Anthony Rhind, Havas Digital

12.10-13.30 Buffet Lunch

13.30-15.30 Session 6: Room LT09 “Social Media & Influence”

“Beyond Likes and Tweets: How Social Media Conversation Content Drives Store and Site Traffic,” E. Craig Stacey (Marketing Productivity Group) and Koen Pauwels* (Ozyegin)

“Using Social Network Data to Identify Job Seeking Behavior,” Oded Netzer* (Columbia) and Peter Ebbes (HEC)

“Social Influence via Multiple Peer Effects,” Hee Mok Park and Puneet Manchanda* (Michigan)

“What are Facebook Fans Really Worth?,” Leslie K. John* (Harvard), Oliver Emrich (St. Gallen), Michael I. Norton and Sunil Gupta (Harvard)

Practitioner presentation on “Social Media & Influence” & general discussion on impact:Alex North, Measurement Partnership Lead, EMEA, Facebook

13.30-15.30 Session 6: Room LT10 “Brand Positioning”

“Framing the Game: How Positioning Brands in Competition Can Be Strategically Used to Increase Brand Value,” Neeru Paharia* (Georgetown), Jill Avery (Simmons School of Management) and Anat Keinan (Harvard)

“Private Label Imitation of a National Brand: Implications for Consumer Choice and Law,” Neeraj Arora* (Wisconsin-Madison), Youngju Kim (Korea University) and Anocha Aribarg (Michigan)

“How Variability Perceptions Affect Brand Extension Evaluations,” Radu Dimitriu* (Cranfield) and Fred Selnes (HIBU Buskerud University College)

“On What Image Attributes Should Global Brands be Consistently Positioned?,” Rajeev Batra*, Charles Yizi Zhang, Fred Feinberg (Michigan) and Nilufer Aydinoglu (Koc)

Practitioner presentation on “Brand Positioning” & general discussion on impact: Leigh Thomas, CEO, Dare London

* = presenting author