TPM 2019 Submissions

The 2019 Theory + Practice in Marketing (TPM) Conference is pleased to collaborate with the Journal of Marketing for a Special Issue on “New Technology and Marketing.” Both TPM and the Special Issue will showcase scholarship that examines the impact of new technologies on important marketing-related research questions. New technologies, defined as those that are early in the adoption cycle for firms and/or consumers, can be studied from consumer, firm, competition, market, policy, or societal perspectives. Purely conceptual papers are welcome as are papers using any methodological approach. It is crucial that submissions address a real-world marketing question.

The submissions process for TPM 2019 is completed, please go ahead and view our conference agenda.

The submission deadline for the  Journal of Marketing Special Issue will open on June 15, 2019 and ends on September 1, 2019. Please read the Call for Submissions for more details. 

Both TPM and the Special Issue will be organized around domain-defining papers that take a broad view of technology’s future impact on the field of marketing using new models, new theories, and new data and that take a forward-looking approach to formulating implications for consumers, management, and society. We also welcome papers with a general marketing focus that span boundaries with other disciplines such as computer science, sociology, and engineering. Papers that develop incremental methodological or theoretical contributions to address highly specific, tactical, technical, or operational marketing problems are not a good fit with the Conference or Special Issue, nor are papers that simply apply current state-of-the-art methodologies (e.g., machine learning) to marketing problems.

How TPM and the Journal of Marketing Special Issue Will Work Together:

The entire TPM conference is dedicated to exploring research on New Technologies and Marketing with the goal of improving knowledge on this critical topic and helping authors prepare for submission to the Special Issue. The co-editors for the Special Issue, C. Page Moreau (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Donna L. Hoffman (George Washington University), Stefan Stremersch (Erasmus University and IESE), and Michel Wedel (University of Maryland), have selected papers for the conference and will attend the conference in order to order feedback. Other Editors, Associate Editors, and Editorial Review Board members from the Journal of Marketing will also be present to provide feedback to authors.

For any inquiries regarding the TPM Conference 2019, please email Matthew Quint,