TPM 2021 Submissions

Submission Deadline: NOW CLOSED (March 15, 2021).  Submit here.

The motivation underlying the TPM Conference is the belief that marketing academia can earn a strong and enviable position in business schools by addressing substantive problems with broad relevance. This quest for relevance can supplement the search for rigor by showcasing research that focuses on substantive business problems and is supported by a sound methodology.

Research that uses any methodology — qualitative, experiments, surveys, observational data, structural models, and analytical models to name a few — is welcome. The emphasis of research should be on stakeholder relevance, substantive impact, and broad implications for practice. We encourage you to submit your most impactful research for presentation at the TPM Conference.

Submissions should be no more than 10 PowerPoint slides (in reasonable type size) and include the following:

1. Audience and Motivation: What is your research motivation? Whose problem are you solving? In the first one to two slides, clearly establish the research motivation and identify a target audience and the issue they’re grappling with.

2. Results: In the next one to two slides, describe the principle findings in words.

3. Method: In the next three to five slides, briefly describe your methods, specific numerical results, and limitations/generalizability.

4. Linking Theory to Practice: On the last slide, clearly describe how your research links marketing theory to practice.

With no methodological or thematic constraints, we seek original (unpublished) submissions with a diversity of methodological foci and a high level of rigor.  Remember that the audience is not purely academic, so your slides and presentation need to be easily understood by both scholars and managers. A committee of experts will select the accepted submissions to be presented at the conference. Judging from previous years’ conferences, selection is highly competitive.

We look forward to your Submission prior to March 15, 2021. Submit here.

Questions should be directed to