The 2022 Theory + Practice in Marketing (TPM) Conference is pleased to collaborate with the International Journal of Research in Marketing for a Special Issue.  Both TPM and the Special Issue seeks research that bridges the gap between marketing academia and practice by tackling substantive marketing problems. The special issue is open to all methodological approaches, including experimental studies, qualitative research, and empirical modeling. Research should be focused on real-world applications, drawing on rigorous methodology to address substantive concerns. The special issue is also open to research that has the potential to inform regulation and public policy, so long as it relates to marketing phenomena.

Submission Requirements:

Formal TPM submissions, due by March 31, should be presentations of no more than 10 PowerPoint slides (plus cover slide, in reasonably-sized type) that address the following:

For empirical paper submissions:

  • Audience and Motivation: What is your research motivation? Whose problem are you solving? In the first one to two slides, clearly establish the research motivation and identify a target audience and the issue they’re grappling with (1-2 slides). 
  • Relevant theory:  Lay out the theoretical rationale for your investigation (1-2 slides). 
  • Results:  In the next one to two slides, describe the principal findings in words (1-2 slides). 
  • Method:  In the next three to five slides, briefly describe your methods, specific numerical results, and limitations/generalizability (3-5 slides). 
  • Linking Theory to Practice: On the last slide, clearly describe how your research links marketing theory to practice (1 slide).

For theoretical paper submissions:

  • Practical question: For what problem or issue are you developing a theoretical analysis? [1 slide] 
  • Motivation for theory: Why is there a need to develop this theoretical examination? [1-2 slides] 
  • Details of theory: Lay out details and distinctions of your theoretical approach. [1-3 slides] 
  • Comparisons:  What other theories have tackled this problem and what improvements does your theory provide. [1-2 slides] 
  • References. [1-2 slides] 

Given TPM’s mission, remember that while the audience may be largely academic, your slides and presentation should nonetheless be easily understood by both scholars and managers.


Please email your slides before the deadline to:

Decisions will be communicated on or before Mon April 11.

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Acceptances will be emailed mid-April

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